Whats Inside the Story of Us?



Sangria originated in Portugal and Spain thoudands of
years ago. And to this day the Portuguese (us) still pride
ourselves on it being a quintisential part of our Culture.
It was our DREAM to take the tradition that we grew up
loving and bringing it into the 21st century. We worked to
take the traditions and evelution of our culture and mix it
with the BUBBLE and SPARKLE of the Portuguese people to
bring the world a product that is fun, easy to sip and
represents the spirit of Portugal today!

With Lots of Love

Our sangria starts with grapes from a
Vedres DOC Portugal. This region, which
is close to the north coast of Lisbon, has
been shaped by over 2,000 YEARS of wine
production sowe like to think that we have
learned a thing or two over the years.

And Bubbles


And there is one part that we could not forget
when making our sangria STAND OUT…
the BUBBLES that make the best POP when you
open the bottle! We have spend countless hours
making sure that our sangria is the