The History of Sangria started in the
Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain)
and we have taken the Tradition
of our Heritage and blended it with
Portugals modern tenacity for
Sparkle and Flare
to bring you (the best in our opinion)
Portuguese Sangria


Easy Sippin’

Our sangria is made from Premium
Portuguese Wine and Fruit including
Limes, Lemons
and Passion Fruit
and mixed with bubbles for a
perfectly light and low calorie drink
for Easy Sippin’

Inspired By

What inspired us to make
Bacana Sangria is Portugal!
We want our brand to embody
(as best we can) the Food,
the Culture, the Lifestyle, the Architecture,
and most of all, the People
that make our Country beautiful!
We like to say that we see Portugal through
“Rosé” colored glasses.


Specially Crafted

Our family at Bacana have spent a
lot of time perfecting our Sangria.
We wouldnt serve you just anything!
Our sangria is specially crafted
with one thing in mind,
making a sangria that you will